The Socialist Party of California Stands With Indigenous Hawaiians

d-rendered-flag-kanaka-maoli-hawaii-flag-kanaka-maoli-hawaii-109595905The Socialist Party of California stands with Indigenous Hawaiians in their fight against colonial oppression, and vehemently opposes the effort to build a massive telescope on Mauna Kea.

In 2009, the building of a major telescope on Mauna Kea, funded largely by the United States government and corporate firms, as well as wealthy “philanthropists”, was approved by the state government of Hawaii without the informed consent of Indigenous Hawaiians. Through strength, dedication, and unyielding vigilance in the face of this threat, the Hawaiian people have managed to delay construction of this $1.4 billion dollar, 18-story, six-football field footprint structure for an entire decade.

In September 2018, the supreme court of Hawaii gave the green light for the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), signaling the destruction of one of Hawaii’s most sacred places.

The Socialist Party of California condemns in the strongest possible terms the racist and imperialist actions of the Hawaiian state. We see that the actions of the United States government completely follow the same white supremacist and colonial trajectory that this nation was founded on.

The same United States government that expanded across the entire continent, that committed genocide against the indigenous peoples of those continental lands, that kidnapped and sold African people into bondage for profit, that stole indigenous children in order to strip them of their culture and their identity, that imposed a way of life divorced from the needs of the planet, is the very same United States government that is pushing forward this desecration of an indigenous sacred site.

We saw through the vicious reaction of the United States government to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe water protectors in 2016 the depraved lengths the US is willing to go to crush indigenous movements.

The Socialist Party of California condemns the arrests of 33 heroic Mauna Kea elders, and calls on its membership to stand in solidarity with the people of Hawaii in resisting this heinous desecration, militarized police force, the obscene state of emergency, and negligent oil leaks from other island telescopes. This is part and parcel with our overall goal of complete decolonization and the ending of the settler colonial government known as the United States.

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