Socialist Party of California Statement on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

Survivors of sexual assault and harassment do not need another signal from our patriarchal system indicating that survivor voices and experiences are deemed worthless and irrelevant. Yet, here we are, receiving yet another confirmation that toxic masculinity is at the core of USAmerican and capitalist values. The Socialist Party of California would like to offer a message to not only those in Washington D.C. who confirmed Brett Kavanaugh, but to all who hold up and perpetuate the system that we currently live under: The voices you hold with contempt are not worthless or irrelevant. They are powerful, and you will all soon be hearing from those voices en masse. Survivors and their supporters will deliver an end to the oppression that fuels the corrupt system in which you hold power. The Socialist Party of California stands in solidarity with and in support of survivors, their supporters, and their voices – today and every day.

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