And the Power of the People Don’t Stop!

On August 17th people power pushed back two hugely racist pieces of this white supremacist system.

  1. The Mayor of Los Angeles was forced to say NO to the $425,000 from the Department of Homeland Security for LA’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program. CVE targets muslim youth and is part of the much larger system of the War on Youth that demonizes, surveils, targets, and stalks young people. While the CVE program has not been dismantled, this is an important step in starving the beast. The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition is honored to be partnering in the awesome organizing along with hundreds of community members and organizations including Palestinian Youth Movement, Immigrant Youth Coalition, Black Students Union, and Jewish Voices for Peace. Huge thanks to LA’s 33,000 teachers and United Teachers LA for their critical support. While we take a moment to appreciate and celebrate people power, we continue organizing with deeper resolve toward the abolition and dismantlement of these racist programs.

  2. It was also sheer people power that forced the California Assembly Appropriations committee to stop the racist surveillance bill – SB 1186 from moving forward.  Pushed by white centered, white privileged and very well resourced non-profit organizations, SB 1186 was a bill that would legitimize surveillance by law enforcement in the State of California and provide enormous power and tools to police to further contain, control, criminalize, and harm Black, Brown, and poor communities. As in CVE, while we take a moment to appreciate and celebrate people power, we continue organizing and publicly expose and hold responsible the heavily funded white centered non-profit law firms, “advocacy” organizations and their allies.

Huge thank you to all and everyone for believing and unleashing the power of the people in our journey toward abolition and dismantlement of a racist and violent system. Join the fight and be part of our multi-generational journey toward abolition.

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