8/11 – Socialist Party Inland Empire General Meeting & “Radical Pedagogy: Reimagining Authority within the Classroom” Presentation

Inland Empire Socialist Party General Meeting

When: Saturday, August 11th, 2pm

Radical Pedagogy: Reimagining Authority Within the Classroom Social Forum
When: Saturday, August 11th, 430pm
What’s going on: “Radical Pedagogy: Reimagining Authority within the Classroom” presented by Amanda R., IESP Secretary

Presentation abstract:

We do not need to imitate the authority that came before us – and one of the first places we can work to reimagine our relationship to authority and authority figures is in the classroom. Together, we will go over radical pedagogy that eliminates the need for an authority figure in the classroom, give examples of how some teachers try shared-authority techniques (and fail), and give practice techniques and provide a hands-on learning opportunity that illustrates how an authority-less classroom would work. By removing the authority in the classroom, by decolonizing the curriculum, and by creating a classroom of peer support and respect, the goal of radical pedagogy is empower students to design their own methods, modes, and outcomes for learning and to work as a collective in doing so. To change the political climate of America, we must first change the way we teach our students to think and learn.

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