November Socialist Forum: Veganism & Socialism

This playlist is for a Veganism and Socialism talk given by the Inland Empire Socialist Party.

Warning: some of these videos have graphic content. This content is not for shock value; rather it’s the way animals are treated within the meat and dairy industries on a constant, second-by-second, basis.

These videos were arranged for a talk on the links between veganism and socialism. While not every video on this playlist advocates for the complete boycott of the meat and dairy industry, the talk that accompanies these videos does.

Not only are animals exploited through the meat and dairy industries, but the planet and workers are exploited and destroyed. The only road to counter the extreme damage to both our planet, our bodies, and our fellow man is to complete boycott these industries.

Socialism is a political ideology that puts workers and people first – and as such, it goes hand-in-hand with the boycott of industries that harm both people and the environment.

For more on socialism and veganism, check out these articles:

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