Converging Storms 2017 Study Series Starts August 27th!

As calamities unfold — from dangerously urgent climate change to escalating global warfare, from insane political “drama” to the violent breakdown of civil liberties and social justice, from the ongoing economic downturn to rising costs of food and housing — how do we avoid getting overwhelmed, let alone choose what to work on? How do we make sense of the constant state of emergency that only seems to hurtle us faster towards catastrophe? How do we put it all together, let alone figure out what to do about it?

For those who seek a better understanding of where we are and what to do (or who may know lots, but want a better handle on fitting pieces together), the Converging Storms Action Network invites you to our cutting-edge study series, Converging Storms 2017: Crises of Energy, Capitalism, & Environment. After major success in 2006, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’14, and ’15, reaching 100s of people in SoCal and beyond, we offer it again, updated, starting Aug 27, every other Sunday for 9 meetings at Glendale College.

Always ahead of the curve, Converging Storms explores the systemic intersections of science, society, and strategy, offering a powerful analysis for integrating everything from climate change to resource wars, physics to political economy, environmental racism to food riots, social reform to system change. By doing so in a comprehensive, systemic manner, Converging Storms offers an essential vantage point, a toolbox, — an analytic framework found in no other forum — that we think should inform the analysis, arguments, and actions in all areas of activism today.

It’s time, you know: time for all of us to arm ourselves with the knowledge, logic, systemic understanding, and compelling arguments that will help us create the essential strategies to make a difference in our world, to (literally) save our world.

Download this flyer for all the details!

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