7/14 – Launching the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, & Social Justice

The Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice’s aim is to develop a thoughtful, multidimensional, and proactive opposition to the intensifying authoritarianism that has become evident around the globe, as exemplified by Donald Trump in the U.S., Vladimir Putin in Russia, and Xi Jinping in China. We target rampant capitalist class oppression, imperialism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, nativism, Islamophobia, and environmental destruction.

Panel to be moderated by Mimi Soltysik of the Socialist Party USA and will feature:

Frieda Afary – the Alliance of Syrian and Iranian Socialists: “How Did We Go from the Arab Spring & the Occupy Movement to The Destruction of the Syrian Revolution and the Global Rise of Racist Authoritarianism?”

Kevin Anderson – International Marxist Humanist Organization“Rightwing Populism, Neofascism, & Imperialism in the Trump Era: Where Do
We Go from Here?”

Zach Medeiros – Socialist Party USA: “Solidarity with the Oppressed, Not the Oppressors: Why We Must Support
Syrian Revolutionaries”

Javier Sethness – Black Rose Anarchist Federation: “Communalist, Autonomous & Indigenous Movements in Latin America: Concrete Hope for an Alternative to Capitalism”

For more information, please visit https://cprsj.wordpress.com/

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