4/29 – Socialist Forum: Politics and Poetry with Amanda R.

Politics and poetry have always been aligned and this Freedom School will expand upon that point. This presentation will start with the Early Modern (also known as the Renaissance) English period (about 1485 to 1685 A.D.), move to the Age of Enlightenment (1685 to 1815 A.D.) with John Milton, stop at the 1916 Irish Rebellion with some William Butler Yeats poetry, and jump across the ocean to look at America during the Harlem Renaissance (1920 to 1929 A.D.) with Langston Hughes and his contemporaries, review second- and third-wave feminist poetry (1960s to now), watch some slam poetry performances, and finally stop at some modern poetry that was created by the Occupy Wall Street movement with Poet Laureate (1995-1997) Robert Hass as well as read poetry coming out of the Black Lives Matters movement. By looking at poems across poetic periods as well as the biography of some of the poets that will be discussed during this Freedom School, I want to reinforce the idea of art, in this case poetry, as a means of resistance. Poetry today continues to be an arena for social commentary and pushes for social change, and, above all else, a way for people to make their voices and opinions heard.

Presenter Amanda R. has a BA in English Education and is currently enrolled in an English MA program with an emphasis on Early Modern Literature. In addition to being part of the IESP and LASP chapters of the Socialist Party USA, she is the managing editor of The Socialist, the managing editor of The Poetics Project, and on the editorial board for Pomona Valley Review.

Starts at 4 p.m.

The Headquarters
320 N E St suite 100
San Bernardino, California 92401

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