9/13 – Community Meeting on FBI Targeting High School Students

Join us this month (9/13 @ 6:30pm) to continue building our campaign to prevent LAUSD schools from adopting the FBI’s 2016 guidelines and to continue building national and international connections to other schools and/or districts in the same fight against criminalizing youth using the excuse of “violent extremism”.

The FBI’s 2016 Guidelines Want High School Students to be Spied on and also Consider Students Suspicious if they:
– Are “too” much into their culture;
– Speak out against government policies;
– Express their anger and frustration through drawing or spoken word;
– Are immigrant students
– Are students in poverty
– Or engage in many other types of speech, action, and expression….

In January 2016, the FBI released guidelines for High School administration, teachers, counselors, and fellow students to document and report “suspicious behavior” by students. On May 26th, June 14th, and July 12th, community members, including high school students and teachers gathered to learn about these FBI guidelines, discuss the impact of this program on students, their families and the community and collectively come up with different ways (art, research, collaboration, outreach etc.) to challenge them and prevent our school districts from adopting them. These guidelines are part of a program called “Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools”, which is part of a much larger system of surveillance and data collection that criminalizes innocent and creative activity, and invades privacy. Here’s the link to the FBI guidelines doc:http://stoplapdspying.org/fbi-declares-high-school-students-suspects-and-releases-guidelines-on-preventing-violent-extremism-in-schools/

The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition looks to the partnership and leadership of students and teachers to lead the conversation and develop strategies in fighting against such programs that can very negatively impact students, their families and their community.

Join us at the next community meeting on Tuesday, September 13th to continue developing strategies to educate, organize and take action against the ongoing criminalization of our youth and to prevent schools in Los Angeles from adopting these guidelines. The meeting will take place at 6:30 PM at LA CAN 838 E. 6th St., LA 90021 in Downtown Los Angeles.

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