Vote for the Revolution: An Interview with Presidential Candidate Mimi Soltysik

Originally published by Walter Beck at OmniBusJournal.

Sometimes my life takes a strange turn, one Saturday night after a day of mandatory overtime at work, I found myself with a pint of Scotch, two packs of cigarettes, and nothing to really mix with them properly. So my savage political addiction and base journalistic instincts took over and I ended up interviewing a Presidential candidate. I know, it’s weird. What follows is the raw uncut transcript of a whisky-tipped journalist and a truly Revolutionary presidential candidate…

Walter: Let’s get the basic shit out of the way, introduce yourself to the readers of Omnibus Journal.

Mimi: Sure. My name is Mimi Soltysik. I’m the Male Co-Chair of the Socialist Party USA, a member of the Party’s Los Angeles Local, and I’m running for the Socialist Party USA’s POTUS nomination. I love my family and my comrades, I love music and movies, and I love to fight capitalism.

Walter: Do you have any challengers for the Presidential nomination in the Socialist Party-USA?

Mimi: It appears there are a handful of others who are running for the nomination, yes.

I most certainly think there are lot of folks who feel completely alienated by electoral politics, especially at this level. I’m one of them. So many of the folks I speak with feel like candidates and elected officials have not and do not give a shit about what the people experience. I’m not here for the photo op or because I have an interest in making a career of politics. I’m here to work with the people. I’m here because, like you, I believe in the ideas, because oppression, imperialism, and exploitation make me sick..

Walter: So you may have a bit of a fight ahead of you come convention time, eh?

Mimi: It’s possible. First, we have to see if the Convention delegates are in favor of running a POTUS campaign, and then to see who the delegates select if we do decide to run a campaign.

Walter: That brings up an interesting point. I’ve noticed that many parties in the American left no longer run Presidential candidates. Take for example, the Communist Party USA, I read an article recently where their chair basically said “Fuck it, we just endorse whoever the Democrats nominate.”

Mimi: Their choice. I’m not interested in endorsing a capitalist party candidate, but they can do whatever they like, of course. The Socialist Party USA as an organization operates independently of the capitalist parties. Many of us wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case. It’s clear in our Statement of Principles where we stand as an organization, so I would think anyone in favor of working within the Democratic Party likely wouldn’t be happy with membership in the Socialist Party USA.

Walter: No doubt. It seems that even the most ardent “progressive” Democrats eventually shift to the safe center.

Mimi: Definitely not our approach…


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