Converging Storms 2015: The Crises of Energy, Capitalism and the Environment

Converging Storms is a study series on the intersection of peak oil, global capitalism, and ecological crises. We examine issues associated with a troubled global system whose petroleum dependency and imperative to expand is precipitating,and colliding with, the ecological realities of diminishing fossil fuels, climate change, resource depletion and contamination (eg. food, water, land), species extinction, and population pressure. What is the nature of the environmental crises now challenging the global system as we know it, and what isits systemic relationship to capitalism? Why do we think this issue should influence our analysis of everything from the ongoing economic downturn to the War in Afghanistan to Hurricane Katrina to global migration to the struggle of working people for a decent life? And what should activists be doing about it? While many environmental reforms never fully address the global and systemic dimensions of our ecological problems, too many systemic, anti-capitalist analyses never fully address the centrality — or urgency — of the energy and environmental crises. Can lifestyle politics and incremental policy reforms adequately deal with the scope and power of such vast, deeply-rooted challenges as peak oil and climate change? Can socialists afford to wait for the end of capitalism to “fix” things, and how would that system’s demise solve the immediate and scientific realities of finite resources in a finite (and life-threatened) global habitat? CSAN/SGJ invite you to join us in considering whether, and how, we should centrally position the earth’s ecological crises in our overall assessment of global capitalism today and development of strategies for social change.

STUDY SERIES CO-SPONSORS: Converging Storms Action Network is a network of activists from diverse arenas whose shared analysis, activities, and actions for progressive social change centrally address the intersecting crises of energy, capitalism, and environment. Studies for Global Justice is a Los Angeles-based group of socialist-minded activists that coordinate study sessions on the history, nature, problems, and complexities of 21st-century capitalism.

See attached flyer for information on registering.

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