SPUSA Co-Chair, Mimi Soltysik, Discusses Bernie Sanders with Bloomberg Politics

America’s Socialists Say Bernie Sanders Can Advance Their Cause

by Sahil Kapur
Originally published by BloombergPolitics, May 6, 2015

When Senator Bernie Sanders declared his long-shot presidential run last week, he became the most high-profile candidate to describe himself as a socialist since Norman Thomas made six consecutive bids starting in 1928.

The Vermont independent—who is pursuing the Democratic nomination and calls himself a “democratic socialist”—was described by two American socialist organizations as the strongest socialist candidate in high public office to carry the torch.

“I think he can advance the socialist movement,” said Socialist Party USA Co-Chair Mimi Soltysik, even as he called Sanders “a different sort of creature” than a true socialist, criticizing his vote for Obamacare (because it relies too much on private insurers), his support for Israel (due to its treatment of Palestinians), and the fact that he’s running for the nomination of a “capitalist party” (they refuse on principle to work with or support Democrats).



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