12/14 – L.A. Local Freedom School

In December, the L.A. Local will have the next installation of its Freedom School!
When: December 14th, 6pm
Where: The L.A. Local office, 2617 Hauser Blvd., L.A.
What’s going on? This will be a history of the Socialist Party of America. Gabe Gabrielsky will present a history of the American Socialist Party from its origins in 1901 until the 1973 Party crisis.  Gabe will also have brief remarks about the roots of social justice in the Old Testament and social justice and utopian movements in Ancient Society and the Middle Ages and the origins of the idea of socialism during the French Revolution.
His emphasis will be on socialism in America from the Puritan idea of “A City on a Hill” and the various religious utopias to the rise of early… protest movements, including the labor movement and the earliest manifestations of Marxian socialism in the United States especially as a consequence of the wave of German immigration in the wake of the failed 1848 revolution.
The concluding remarks will consider the problem of sectism and the appropriate and probable organizational forms both for the working class in America today, including its radical intellectual elements and allies.  An extensive discussion period will follow.
We’ll see you there!

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