Statement from SPUSA Co-Chairs After a Successful National Convention

Statement from SPUSA Co-Chairs After a Successful National Convention

As the newly elected Chairs of the Socialist Party USA, we are thrilled to report that the National Convention in New York City was a success in both productivity and spirit. The Convention passed a Plan of Action strategy, heavily focused on enhancing intra-Party communication and offering support to our electoral candidates, which will help guide the incoming National Committee throughout the next two years. Also outlined in the strategy was a series of issue campaigns culled from Party membership. The National Committee will work with locals over the next two years to help strategy become action. Realizing that the strength of the Socialist Party USA lies with the local level, every effort will be made to provide critical organizing support.

New measures were approved to ensure accountability among National Committee members, key revisions of the Party’s Statement of Principles were passed, and Constitutional amendments were debated, fiercely at times, and put to vote. A full-time Treasurer, who will work hand-in-hand with the National Office to implement a plan focused on fiscal health, was elected, and the Editorial Board of The Socialist was supplemented with new membership.

We can’t discuss the Convention without mentioning the sense of camaraderie and cooperation displayed by delegates and observers throughout the country. It appears that a new sense of community is being established within the Socialist Party USA, a community where care and friendship are carrying the day. Throughout the weekend, many attendees expressed how pleased they were with the level of consideration and respect offered by membership. A working environment was created that, while keenly focused on progress, was more familial than adversarial. The vibe was undeniable.

If the National Convention is an indication, the Socialist Party USA is positioned to take bold steps forward in the fight for democratic socialism. Please join us in giving thanks to those who made the Convention a smashing success, from those who raised funds enabling members-in-need
the ability to attend, to the New York and New Jersey organizers who provided comfortable and easily-accessible facilities throughout the event, to those whose infectious warmth kept our membership warm on this chilly Long Island City weekend.

In solidarity,

Stephanie Cholensky and Mimi Soltysik

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