Ecosocialist Conference Los Angeles – 9/21

Ecosocialist Conference Los Angeles

The Ecosocialist Conference is a project of Left collaboration in Los Angeles. Inspired by the rad organizing efforts of various Left groups/individuals on the east coast , members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local, Green Party, Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, and Valley College Socialists are attempting to build a space for discussion, critical reflection, and future collaboration.

Join us for a daylong discussion on ecology, social relations, and capitalism. Panel topics will include food justice/agriculture, environmental racism, tar sands, fracking, and Keystone XL, gender and ecology, indigenous resistance, the inefficacy of market approaches (carbon taxes, “green” capitalism, etc.), labor and climate justice, a history of the green Left, student power, nature, alienation and insanity, a debate on electoral politics, sustainability and technology, art, consciousness, and protest (eco-edition).

Registration will begin at 9:30am and the opening plenary will begin at 11am.

Event website:


This year marked the beginning of a new epoch in human history. For the first time since the Pliocine (2.6-5 million years ago), CO2 levels have reached 400 ppm. The implications of this are sobering, to say the least. The current manifestations of climate change disproportionately affect women, people of color, poor folks, and members of the “developing” world. The Democrats and Republicans are incapable of addressing this crisis. Only the self-activity and self-organization of the masses can bring about the necessary transformation needed to avert a climate catastrophe.

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