Pat Noble, 19-Year-Old Socialist, Takes New Jersey School Board Seat

The Huffington Post  |  By  Posted: 01/07/2013 12:34 pm EST

A 19-year-old socialist took office last week as the member of a local school board in New Jersey.

Pat Noble, a pharmacy clerk, was sworn-in as a member of the Red Bank Regional High School Board of Education after defeating an incumbent in November’s election, reported. Noble is the founder of the Socialist Party of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, which seeks to promote socialist ideals in the two Jersey shore counties.

Noble, who unsuccessfully ran for Monmouth County freeholder in 2011, told NJ.comthat he hopes to take his socialist views to the school board.

“You reach more people, more quickly when you win an election,” said Noble, whose father, Peter, is a member of the board of education for the Red Bank Borough Public Schools. “People would rather hear from a candidate than some guy on a street corner, especially on socialism when a majority of them are capitalists.”Now, Noble said he plans to stand up for his socialist beliefs as a member of the Red Bank Regional school board.

“I’m hoping to bring a different perspective, a left-wing perspective to a board full of capitalists,” he said. “I have a different view point, both as a younger person and a Socialist, that I think could have a positive impact in and of itself.”

19-year-old Socialist, Pat Noble, gets elected into office

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