11/10 @ Noon – Keynote Speaker: Scott Tucker of Truthdig.com – “The Fight for a Socialist Alternative”

When: Saturday, November 10th at Noon
Where: The Socialist Party L.A. Local office, 2617 Hauser Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Truthdig’s Scott Tucker will be giving a speech at the meeting to discuss the importance of fighting for a socialist alternative both locally, regionally and nationally. Scott will give particular focus to the multi-ethnic history of the southwest. He will also be giving attention to the relation between non-union labor, labor unions and the state. Please join us for this special meeting!

About Scott Tucker: “Scott Tucker is a democratic socialist, a member of the Socialist and Green parties, and a writer for the political website Truthdig. He was a cofounder of ACT UP Philadelphia and of Prevention Point Philadelphia, a needle exchange and harm reduction project for injection drug users and sex workers. He is the author of The Queer Question: Essays on Desire and Democracy, published by South End Press in 1997. He is now working on a book about the radical (small r) republican tradition from Thomas Paine to Rosa Luxemburg.”

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