Open Letter from Scott Tucker

Readers of Open Letter,

Why belabor the ironies? In the year 2012, in the wake of the Democratic Party convention, the “left wing” of the corporate regime has “discovered” the civil rights of queers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I owe the Democratic Party nothing. Nothing. Certainly not my vote, and absolutely not my trust in their career politicians.

The “new” civil rights movement? Grotesque. So much for the Democratic Party’s sense of our history and our movement.

On election day, don’t waste your vote on corporate politicians. If you only have the courage to vote your conscience when you are assured of a majority, then you are not in fact working now for a future majority.

In this respect, the most forward thinking working class youngsters are far in advance of many middle class voters who have been indoctrinated in phony “pragmatism” both by the mass media and by elite universities. This is the difference between “progressive” illusions and class conscious politics.

By all means, occupy the elections. But breaking from both corporate parties on election day is no miracle cure for the decay of democracy. Now that the distraction of their corporate conventions is done, we can get back to serious politics.

Not one vote and not one cent for the parties of war and empire.

For peace, democracy and socialism,

Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a writer and a member of the Socialist and Green parties. He was a cofounder of ACT UP Philadelphia and is married to Larry Gross, also a member of the Socialist Party.

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