Socialist Party Ventura County: Meeting & Discussion on Peace and Democracy – 9/23

WHEN:  9/23, 2-5 p.m.

WHERE: element coffee, 2364 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA



Discussion regarding problems existing within our communities, and how Socialism, Anti-Capitalism, and the pursuit of Peace, Justice, and Democracy can develop solutions to our common problems.

We will touch upon the recent upheaval and revolutionary social movements of our time, as well as past movements (i.e. The Occupy Movement, Democracia Real YA!, Yo Soy 132, The Zapatistas, The Russian Revolution, Anti-Aparthied, and much, much more).

Being part of an Anti-Capitalist movement in general is an important step to developing a powerful working-class, and a movement that can truly empathize with others. We need to stand-up, and we need to make our voices heard. Your thoughts, and your help is needed to make this movement work.

Our hope is that when you come to our meeting, and be part of this discussion, we can develop a plan of action for our communities, together. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

We hope that you all can make it, and we look forward to seeing all of you very soon.

Yours in Solidarity,
Interim Central Committee of the Socialist Party of Ventura County

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