Socialist party needed: iLIVE

by Margaret Ferguson, Cape Town

As a former regional politician from the UK who specialised in education, I have followed the politics of South Africa with interest for the years I have been here (without a vote).

What I find frustrating in such a poverty-ridden country is that there is not a socialist party to represent the poor.

Trade union federation Cosatu is the obvious group to spearhead such a party, but with Zwelinzima Vavi at the head, it is in an “unholy” alliance with the ANC. Why an “unholy” alliance? Vavi frequently puts his finger on a point correctly, but has to find a compromised way forward with the ANC. This leads to a frustrated workforce that feels its interests are being compromised.

Ceduma Nocubhe asks in his letter “Vavi is correct about Cosatu” (August 30): “Is Vavi ready to lead the new breed of revolutionaries who will steer South Africa to economic freedom?”

That is like asking: “Will he set up a new political party?”

True socialism has hardly shown a successful economic face internationally, but now capitalism is beginning to show its ugly face, too.

Socialism is the obvious development needed for a realistic and viable alternative government, given the dissatisfaction and protests across South Africa. READ FULL STORY

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