Alexander/Mendoza 2012 in the News

Though the mainstream media often ignores third party and anti-corporate candidates, some outlets can do democracy justice by showing alternative views. Want more? Write and call into media outlets and ask them to cover us!

Have a media lead? Contact, and the campaign’s Media Coordinator will follow up.

Truthdig – “Make Your Vote Count for Socialism”

The Root – “Stewart Alexander Wants Your Vote”

Huffington Post – “Socialist Party Derides Rick Perry ‘Fairy Tale’ of Obama As Socialist” – “Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party USA candidate for President”
Murrieta Patch – “Murrieta Man Seeks Oval Office”

The Lou Show –

Pinko the Bear –

Quaker Campus – “Socialist talks politics to Whittier students”
The Alexander/Mendoza 2012 does not accept corporate contributions and relies on the generosity and support of workers like you — the very people we represent. Every dollar counts! Click here to make a donation today.

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